My first short film.

A silent blind date unfolds through body language only.

Viewable upon request.

An exercise in style, a hybrid between a short film, a music video and a commercial that tells the story of a woman who can't decide which side of her personality she likes best.

My Latest Work

My expertise

Although my specialty is directing I also have many years of experience in other areas of production including editing, camera operating and production management

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Depending on the size and complexity of your project, I can handle the project on my own, or take the helm of an experienced team of professionals.

Either way, I always bring a spirit of collaboration and go above and beyond to make your project a success.

My approach

I possess a creative mind with my head in the clouds and business savvy that keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground.

My specialty is delivering turn-key products on time and on budget.

Why choose Philippe Gosselin?