Nathalie Mercier - Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

This email is simply to thank you for your excellent work this morning (and last night!). Your professionalism and customer service was noticed and greatly appreciated. Thanks again and see you soon!

Marketing and PR sensibility

Over the years, I've developed knowledge of marketing and public relations that will help you get the visibility you want for your projects.

Effective communicator

Tired of being left in the dark?

My replies or callbacks are swift

and no questions are left unanswered.


I Listen

Having mastered the art of listening, I will quickly grasp your vision and goals so that together we will create the best possible project.

Team Player

After playing team sports for 15 years, working as part of a team is fully ingrained into my work ethic. Good for the talented members of my team and great for us!

​What's my style?

  • I love close-ups
  • Color grading should be subtle
  • I'd rather talk with cuts than with camera movement
  • Chaos cinema? What's the rush anyway?

Resourceful and flexible

New ideas during shooting?

Mid-project change of direction?

Last minute hiccup?

No problem!

My creativity, flexibility and on-hand

resources can complete any project, despite most obstacles that can appear along the way.


My Style

My Strengths

Stephane Lettre - Director of business development at Flextherm

Even though our videos are very technical Philippe succeeded in infusing them with much creativity and dynamism thus positioning our products where we wanted them to. The complexities of our campaign made the shooting long and hard but Philippe kept the morale high and the effectiveness of his team never faltered. Post production was no small feat either as our campaign called for 6 videos to each have 6 different narrations. Not only did he had to keep track of all the different versions but needed to deliver on schedule, which he never failed to do.

I would never hesitate to recommend him. He takes the time to fully understand the subject and develop a concept that will perfectly convey the message to the target audience. In terms of being concerned first and foremost by the quality of the end product he is very hard to beat.

Guy Bissonnette - Producer for Guillaume D'aou Humanoide music video

At first I just wanted to hire Philippe Gosselin as the editor. Then, on a hunch and knowing that it would be his first music video, I also gave him the director's chair and boy was that a great decision. His sense of direction and composition is already top notch, not only that but he is fully invested in the project and it shows, I highly recommend him!

Stephane Fiset - Owner at Premiere Moisson

I just watched the video and I want to congratulate Philippe and his team. The end result is most excellent and, for my part, I found that our objectives have been entirely met.