My first short film. A silent blind date told through body language. Viewable upon request only.

An exercise in style, a hybrid between a short film, a music video and a commercial that tells the story of a woman who can't decide which side of her personality she likes best.

Corporate video for Pharmacie Morin, aimed at helping them with their personnel recruitment.

  • Producer/Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin


Introduction to Première Moisson's new line of "Bleu Blanc Coeur" products.

  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin
  • Production: Zen Images

Instructional videos on how to install Flextherm's various floor heating products.

  • Budget: $120 000
  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin
  • Production: Groupe Infiny
  • DOP: Léo Lecours Pelletier, Benjamin Cabral

Making-of for the movie Discopath directed by Renaud Gauthier

  • Included on the DVD/BD-Ray
  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin
  • Sound Editing: Ivann Uruena

Music video for Guillaume D'Aou's "Humanoide" single

  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin
  • DOP/Producer: Guy Bissonnette

Music video for Charles Dube's single "Distrait mais bien"

  • Aired on Musimax
  • Spent two weeks at #1 on Musimax's website
  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin
  • DOP: Benjamin Cabral
  • Color Grading: Charles Étienne Pascal



This page is dedicated to showcase my work. On the left you will find creative work such as music videos, fashion shorts and short films, while on the right you can watch my corporate products. If you wish to watch more videos please visit my archives either on YouTube or Vimeo.

Philippe Gosselin's Portfolio

A collection of my best shots

Cin Tailors line of new clothes for winter 2013

  • Director/Editor: Philippe Gosselin
  • Color grading: Charles Pepin
  • Music: Jean-Marc Clement